"This book presents a lucid explanation of the workings of thorium-based reactors. It is must reading for anyone interested in our energy future."
     Leon Cooper, 1972 Nobel laureate for superconductivity

"As our energy future is essential I can strongly recommend the book for everybody interested in this most significant topic."
     George Olah, 1994 Nobel laureate for carbon chemistry

    translated into German by Simon Aegerter

    translated into Portuguese by Sergius Tunes

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The economic environmental solution

We can solve our global energy and environmental crises simply – through innovative technology and free-market economics. If we offer to all the world the capability to produce abundant and cheap energy, all the world will stop burning coal. It’s that simple. Rely on the economic self-interest of 7 billion people in 250 nations to choose cheaper, nonpolluting energy.

Factory-manufactured LFTRs can produce energy 40% cheaper than coal, and 80% cheaper than wind or solar energy. Economics alone can drive world-wide adoption of this clean energy source, without contentious, unworkable carbon taxes.

What is thorium?

Today's nuclear power plants burn fissile uranium, which is nearly as rare as gold. Thorium is an abundant heavy metal that becomes uranium in a liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR), releasing energy.

Energy is about 7% of the world's economy. We, and especially developing nations, can not afford to pay more for energy. Many environmentalists advocate replacing fossil fuel energy with wind and solar energy sources, blind to the fact that these are 3-4 times more costly, and intermittent. Global economic prosperity requires lower energy costs. Higher costs from taxes or mandated wind and solar sources are not the answer. The blockbuster new book, THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal, by Robert Hargraves, advocates lowering costs for clean energy using thorium – a market-based environmental solution.

Thorium energy can help us

  • reduce CO2 emissions and global warming
  • cut deadly air pollution
  • provide inexhaustible energy
  • increase global prosperity
Our world is beset by global warming, pollution, resource conflicts, and energy poverty. Millions die from coal plant emissions. We battle over Mideast oil. Food supplies from the sea and land are threatened. The growth of developing  nations exacerbates the crises. 

Few nations will adopt carbon taxes or energy policies against their economic self-interests to reduce global CO2 emissions. But the liquid fluoride thorium reactor has the potential to dissuade all nations from burning coal. This innovative thorium energy uses the power of economic persuasion to end the pollution, to provide energy and prosperity to impoverished nations, and to create energy security for all people for all time.

China's headstart

Spurred by Robert Hargraves' American Scientist article with Ralph Moir, China is already advancing LFTR development, building on work started at the US Oak Ridge National Laboratories but now sidelined. Several private ventures are getting underway.