Critical acclaim

"This book presents a lucid explanation of the workings of thorium-based reactors. It is must reading for anyone interested in our energy future."
     Leon Cooper, Brown University physicist and 1972 Nobel laureate for superconductivity

"As our energy future is essential I can strongly recommend the book for everybody interested in this most significant topic."
     George Olah, 1994 Nobel laureate for carbon chemistry

"Hargraves’ book contains a wealth of information that I’ve never seen anywhere. Very informative and insightful."
     Steve Kirsch, San Jose entrepreneur and philanthropist

"The book describes mankind's hope for a sustainable and prosperous future: high-temperature thorium-based reactors.  The writing is clear and factual, and the book will helpful to anyone interested in energy choices."
     Meredith Angwin, Director of Energy Education for the Ethan Allen Institute

"A terrific book-length description of the need for energy solutions for this century, leading the reader to the advantages of thorium fissioning in a fluid of of molten salt. He explains the technical basis for how such a power plant works and why it can be cheaper than making power from coal -- the dominant fuel for power plants today. This book will be a valuable aid for the many people who will take this demonstrated technology of the 1960s at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee through the rebirth phase and into deployment in this century possibly to dominate the power plants by the later part of the 21st century."
     Ralph Moir, retired Lawrence Livermore Laboratory physicist, expert in fusion and molten salt reactors

"Robert Hargraves is right: for nuclear energy to rapidly displace fossil fuels, it must become safer, cleaner, and cheaper — and next generation thorium technologies are leading candidates for that mission. In his excellent new book, Thorium: Energy Cheaper than Coal, Hargraves makes a compelling case that thorium holds great potential for powering a world of seven going on 10 billion people, all yearning to live modern, energy-rich lives. But Thorium goes beyond advocacy to offer a detailed description of the tough technical challenges that face thorium, and the innovation policies needed to accelerate this potentially world-changing energy technology. In offering a vision of environmental sustainability achieved not through raising the cost of energy but lowering it, Hargraves' Thorium is a valuable public service."

     Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger, co-founders Breakthrough Institute, and co-authors of Break Through: From the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility

"I come from a pure science and from a financial/economics world.  Your book is spot on target and true genius.  The best way to help people, and solve our environmental problems is to make the solution an economically viable one.  Anything else ultimately truly hurts the lower tiers of society a lot more than the upper tiers and is heartless in the end."
     Charles Ivey, retired physicist, energy information technology entrepreneur


"Anything from Robert Hargraves is worth reading....this one is a must as it wipes out all of the opposition to nuclear power. Read the book and understand how we all have been brainwashed by the fossil industry. There is no existential substitute for nuclear and Hargraves shows us how cheap it can be."
     Reese Palley, Author: THE ANSWER: Why Only Inherently Safe Mini Nuclear Power Plants Can Save The World

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